It’s Showtime

Enrich or begin your show choir program through online tutorials and training guides.

Show up and ShowUp

From the start, we wanted to create quality materials designed for use in the Middle and High school setting. Learn innovative routines (all online) designed to get your program up and moving.

Engaging Education

Curriculum guides allow educators to adapt standard-aligned lessons suited for their unique classroom atmosphere.

Tutorials and Curriculum

Videos are matched with training guides to ensure you master each step along the way. Our staff breaks down techniques and provides teachers with gradable pathways to success.

Why ShowUp

Every tutorial and lesson is carefully crafted to enhance your show choir experience. Below are a few collaborators we’ve been able to connect with, and our team is always growing.

“Love them all. The WarmUp (ShowUp on YouTube) is amazing!  It’s so clean and clear that it’s measurable from the teachers standpoint! I actually give grades on this, and it encourages practice. I love how precise it all is.  I also love your demeanor – friendly – so attractive to kids.”

Christine Demore – Jordan Middle School, Show Choir director, Burbank, CA

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Showup LLC

Founded in 2019 by Erik Hall and Kristina Sims. ShowUp is web based and operates in Los Angeles, CA.


We are always looking for ways to grow and develop. Please send us your questions and suggestions! 5678ShowUp@gmail.com