About Us – Notes from Erik and Kristina

About ShowUp

First off, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for visiting our site! Below is a bit about us and our journey. If there’s anything else you’d like to know please reach out!

Who We Are

We met in 2014 at John Burroughs Music Showcase. At the time, Erik was teaching show choir while dancing at, and managing, Millennium Dance Complex in LA, and Kristina was creating a show choir in Kansas (Flight) and had been invited to learn from some of the top show choir minds. We found many commonalities upon meeting and it was suggested that we’d work well together. That summer, Erik became Flight’s first guest choreographer and a partnership began. 

Fast forward six years, we have continued to work together on a wide array of projects from summer camps (Elevate, Los Alamitos Xcite, Broken Arrow) and masterclasses (Elevate, MidWest Dance Mechanix) to social projects (CYT China, Choreo Club) and producing shows (Flight Gala, Desi Oakley: Welcome Home). Quickly we discovered that combining Kristina’s background in dance, performance, education, and mentoring with Erik’s extensive experience in dance, show choir, and technology made for a dynamic duo. 

Where We’re From

In 2018, life led Kristina to a residency in San Diego. Being two hours away from LA was a good reason to start a new endeavor. Thus began a shared Google Doc of chaotic mind mapping. Using trusted show choir colleagues as a sounding board, we sifted through several ideas (some certainly stronger than others) and arrived at ShowUp. 

As we were brainstorming, we drew a few conclusions that shaped the founding of our company. Our observations showed that many schools (middle schools in particular) can have a difficult time gaining access to quality materials for show choir and music theater. As show choir is developing quickly, it is valuable for younger students to have functional foundations in movement and performance. We believe that these tools are paramount and that students and teachers deserve access to quality materials. 

Where We’re Going

Looking forward, we hope that ShowUp can be an engaging way to help teachers enhance their existing curriculum and provide services to programs that may not have full accessibility. Serving the community by partnering with as many colleagues, teachers, instructors, and schools as possible is of upmost importance to us.  We believe in a powerful growth mindset and look forward to the continuing development of this platform!